Popular Art Galleries Of India

Popular Art Galleries Of India

Evidently, art is incredibly vital, and painting is one in all the foremost vital styles of expressing ourselves. Pablo Picasso’s notable quote, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”, clearly tells us how much a person can express simply by employing a brush and few colours.

India, fortunately, has several art galleries where not only paintings, however, another variety of expressions is also kept so others can explore them and unravel the true meaning behind those. the popular art galleries across the country are:

  1. Government Museum, Chennai

Also called the Madras museum is the second oldest museum and art gallery in India established within the year 1851. It witnesses an enormous number of people every year. It additionally features a children’s museum that witnesses about one thousand visitors daily. Recently it had been in the news for the development of the 3D theatre, the first of its kind in a state museum. Evidently, with the massive increase in the number of visitors, it’s a must visit too.

  1. Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai

This gallery established in 1952 has paintings of just about all notable Indian artists from Jamini Roy to Arpita Singh. This free entry gallery is a must visit for art lovers as they can witness numerous forms of paintings. Artists await their paintings to get displayed her that is the recognition of this galley.

  1. Muse, Hyderabad

A small art gallery within THE Marriott hotel started by Marriott and Kaali Sudheer as a non-profit art gallery promoting art and charity. various art exhibitions are held here to lift funds to combat AIDS, kid labour, etc. Here you can witness a range of paintings starting from contemporary to classical. it is worth each penny you pay.

  1. National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

This is also an initiative by the government of India showcasing 14000 paintings from all over the globe including paintings from Raja Ravi Varma, Tagore Brothers, Jamini Roy, etc. This art gallery also has subsequent branches at Mumbai and Bangalore, however, the Delhi branch is one amongst the world’s largest modern art museums.

Apart from these, we have several other art galleries like Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata, Tasveer in Bangalore, Kalakriti art gallery in Hyderabad, Dhomimal Art Centre in New Delhi, Project 88 in Mumbai and many more.

Galleries are necessary for an ideal art ecosystem. They depict the socio-cultural life of the individuals. If we glance at these paintings with a brand-new perspective, then we can perceive what the artist is attempting to mention. The quote, “Painting is a silent poetry and poetry I s painting that speaks” by Plutarch is incredibly true.

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