Legendary Genre Of Paintings In India

Legendary Genre Of Paintings In India

The three-letter word “Art” describes beauty, rather than beauty describing it. Art has been prevalent in our universe since ages. You can find art in every aspect of life if you have the right perspective.

The most evident form of art is paintings. India is famous for its eccentric and devout style of paintings. Our country has depicted the observations of people, the ideologies of various individuals and the panorama of people through this artwork. According to sources, this representation of art started about 30,000 years back.

The earliest painting starting as early as the 6th or 7th century known as Kerala mural paintings depicting the Hindu mythology to the 3000-year-old Kalamkari Painting, India has had its fair share of contribution to this magnificent way of representing beauty.

The miniature paintings were started by the Mughals in the 16th century. These were painted on the Wasli paper using stone colours. It was the mother of origin for various other forms such as the Mughal paintings which were a perfect blend of the Hindu and Islamic style, the Rajput paintings from the royal courts of Rajputana, the Deccan paintings which were controlled by the Delhi Sultanates and many more. The Madhubani paintings also are known as the Mithila paintings originated in Mithila, Bihar as a form of wall art which gave us artists like Buau Devi. This style was hidden until 1934 when British Colonial William G. Archer came across the interiors of the houses while inspecting the Bihar earthquake damage. They were mainly painted by the women of the households using twigs, fingers, matchsticks, etc portraying the culture and tradition of that area. The Phad paintings were scroll paintings from Rajasthan dating back to 1000 years. They were painted using vegetable colours to depict the local deities and heroes.

The well-known Kalamkari textiles which have been a favourite among people since ages were derived from the hand and block Kalamkari paintings of Andhra Pradesh.

From this diverse array of paintings, it is evident that India has always been an ardent follower of art and has treasured all these artefacts for the generations to come. With the passing of time, these paintings haven’t let down their roots, in fact, their history has been a source of inspiration in the other countries as well.

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