The Artist Within

“I am an artist.” we all have heard of this one thing many times and we all have wondered, who really is an artist. so, what we all do is google it an what we get is something like this- “A person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.” but still we don’t get the answer we want. And a new question arises, what is an art. We talk about painting, sketching, dancing, musicians, singers, actors, etc. But the thing is that everything is an art. Whatever we do, or whatever we are good at, is an art.

People consider professionals as artists, but that’s not so. Even when your mum makes your favorite food and you think that no one else in the world can make it as good as your mum, she becomes an artist. She puts all her love, efforts and passion in that one dish so as to make it perfect. That’s what makes an artist, an artist. When you do something with all your heart, passion and put your all into it, you become an artist and your creation becomes an art.

Artist and art are not as narrow as people make it be. Everyone is an artist, everyone does something that no one else can do in the same manner. To say that not everyone is worthy of being an artist, they are. There is an artist within us, who just needs to be explored.

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