Glass painting

Glass painting is one art that we don’t hear much about, not to forget all the myths that come along with it. Contrary to the myth, that glass painting is one difficult thing and it is for the professionals, it is not. Its quite easy and anybody can learn glass painting, even children.

Yes, you read it right. Even children can learn glass painting by using an OHP sheet instead of a glass. These are transparent plastic sheets, which can use to draw on with acrylic paints or glass paints.

Although many believe that this art originated in ancient Rome, the exact time and place are still unknown. Glass painting is just stained glass that used on high windows, created with different glass pieces but it’s more if an art form. With time people started to use it as in Venetian altar decorations, clock faces of a mirror, or even furniture.

The art of glass painting is now going around the world and now that people have the safer alternative to glasses, people are wanting to try out new things they can do with glass painting, and yet there is a lot to discover a lot of interesting things we can do with this amazing art form.

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